The Name's Clapton ... Eric Clapton
Various Dates and Venues - EC Compilations 020

Track List:

1.Modern Girl (1998 Pilgrim Outtake) 
2.Pilgrim (1998 A Capella Mix Outtake 
3.Blue Eyes Blue (1999 Runaway Bride Soundtrack) 
4.Blues Jam (1975 No Reason to Cry outtake) 
5.Sign Language (1976 Different Mix version) 
6.Love Sign (1984 with Marcy Levy in Melbourne) 
7.To Fall In Love Take 2 (1986 Hearts of Fire outtake) 
8.Concerto for Guitar Part 1 (1991 Last Night) 
9.Concerto For Guitar Part 2 (Orchestral RAH) 
10.Jazz Piece 
11.Incidental (1) 
12.Incidental (2) 
13.Main Theme (1997 Nil By Mouth Soundtrack)