Buddy Guy
The Orange Peel
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
October 12, 2005

A Doodee Music Master Recording

Sweet sounding set from Buddy Guy at his first Orange Peel appearance. He said he was a little under the weather this night but the performance doesn't really support that notion. This was the first time I'd seen Buddy with his chrome dome do. Couple that with the talk about being sick and I had some concerns after this show that it might be something serious - maybe this was the last opportunity I'd have to see the man who is arguably our greatest living guitar player. Not to worry - I saw him again at the Orange Peel almost a year to the day later and he's still chuggin' along. Buddy seems to get more and more into covers the deeper he gets into his career but he's got a way of making them his own with his unique interpretations. Some hot samples included to reinforce the fact that you all need this. Enjoy!

Disc One
1. Going Down
2. Hoochie Koochie Man (Muddy Waters)
3. Hoodoo Man Blues (Junior Wells)
4. I've Got Dreams To Remember
5/6. What Kind Of Woman Is This
6. Set You Free

Disc Two
1. Do Your Thing (Isaac Hayes)
2. Drowning On Dry Land
3/4. Blues History Lesson
including John Lee Hooker, Clapton/Cream. Jimi Hendrix
5. Instrumental Outtro

EX Audience Recording