The Ricky Tick, 236A High Street, Hounslow, UK TW3 1HB 
22 April 1967 (incomplete show with cuts)
Fresh transfer from 2nd gen(?) 7" master reel copy

Master (or perhaps 1st gen copy - see below) 7" Reel -> WAV -> Audacity (track splitting) -> xACT (FLAC 
conversion & tagging) -> Switch (16/44 downsample) -> BiglyBT (torrent creation) -> Dime

Contrast Clause:

This differs from the shows posted here: - which is remastered from a bootleg with no 
lineage - which is from a different bootleg with no 
lineage - which is (apparently) sourced from Graeme 
Pattingale's remaster with no lineage, and contains (uncredited) Graeme's notes on the show.

Set List
01 Intro -> Sunshine Of You Love
02 Hey Lady Mama
03 Sweet Wine
04 Chatter
05 Rollin' And Tumblin'
06 Spoonful (end cut)
07 Sitting On Top Of The World (cuts in)
08 Toad (cut)

TT: 40:53

Cream were:
Jack Bruce: Bass, Vocals & Harmonica
Ginger Baker: Drums
Eric Clapton: Guitars and Vocals


Through a fellow Soulseek user, I was recently made aware of an Instagram user who had made available the 
master reels for this, and for the 1967-05-29 Lincolnshire show "Tulip Bulb Auction Hall", which I will 
post shortly. The best-sounding bootleg of this show - Hiwatt/Scorpio's Ricky Tick - which also features 
material from other dates as well as, presumably, all other circulating copies of this show, are sourced 
from this reel. The cuts found in the Hiwatt version are found on the master, sadly.

This was the last of Cream's four known appearances at the club, and the recording is incomplete. The 
show was two sets (confirmed by Eric's comments introducing Spoonful as the last song of the set. NSU was 
almost certainly played but not recorded: EC mentions it prior to Rollin' And Tumblin'. As we appear to 
have five songs from the first set, the second set most likely also featured NSU, I'm So Glad, Steppin' 
Out and Traintime, all of which feature in contemporary set lists, and possibly Cat's Squirrel or I Feel 
Free. Although the majority of the Disraeli Gears material had been demo'd a month earlier, apart from 
the opening Sunshine, none of it features in this show, making it the last recording from the Fresh Cream 
era in circulation. By the time of the Marquee Club show some four weeks later, DG material was 
well-integrated into the set. 

The reels were discovered by Clinton Heylin ( whilst 
researching a book on bootleg recordings. The master transfer was done by Jeff Friedman 
( I received both recordings as single WAV 
files, and have made no changes beyond down-sampling, tagging and FLAC conversion. 

There is a hard cut at the end of Spoonful, which also loses the beginning of SOTOTW. Toad is cut at 
10:05, but probably not too much is lost. These cuts are on the reel, so it IS possible that there is 
earlier generation master somewhere: the waveforms show no interruption at the initial break, which leads 
me to believe the true master is one generation earlier and would show the taper turning the machine off 
and back on, but I am not enough of an electronics expert to say for certain. 

I will post the Tulip Bulb show shortly, followed by the 24/96 versions of each for those who collect 
such things 

From his authoritative Cream web site: here are Graeme 
Pattingale's notes on the show. I have adjusted the timings to reflect those on this master.

"This bootleg was originally dated as 15th January 1967. I recognised that this could not be correct and 
re-dated it as 22nd April which has now been confirmed by John Platt. At the end of March/early April 
Cream had performed in New York on the Murray the K show. They had then moved to Atlantic studios to 
record a single. But what was probably of more significance was that they dropped Acid at the "Be-In" in 
Central Park on Sunday 2nd April. They were booked to record an album in New York during May. On their 
return to England they began working up more original material.

The "Ricky Tick" was a circuit of various venues (pubs, clubs, halls, and cinemas) around UK. This gig 
was well-recorded by a friend of the band. The balance is good with the bass relatively clear, though the 
drums are drowned on occasions. Volume levels are very high but the quality of the recording equipment 
was up to it.

A few interesting points: Eric swaps between Les Paul and 'SG', Jack is playing the Danelectro Longhorn 
and they are in very fine humour.

Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 4.43 Clearly the arrangement is not yet completed: the drum 
pattern yet to be developed, the riff still raw and at a faster tempo. Still it's fascinating.

Hey Lawdy Mama (Wells) 3.35 Standard arrangement with no significant variation to the Klook's version. 
Shows why they ultimately dropped it - they couldn't do much more with it.

Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) 5.14 This version is tougher and harder as it is gradually evolving into a 
heavy rock piece.

Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield) 4.40 No significant variation from the studio recording.

Spoonful (Dixon) 7.13: (incomplete) Already this number is stretching out. It probably went on for 
another couple of minutes. Jack starts with harp in the neck frame. EC uses extensive feedback and the 
tremolo arm. All the elements of the later very extended jams are here including some of the 'reference 
point' figures.

Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) 4.11 (Incomplete) Of all their blues songs, this one kept evolving 
right until the final tour when the definitive version was recorded. The start is missed but not much of 

Toad (Baker) 10.05 (Incomplete) The drumming extravaganza is beginning to appear - the full story is now 
beginning to be told. Probably went on for another couple of minutes, at most."