"The Slowhand Masterfile - Part 4: No Reason To Cry Sessions" - Antrabata -P4SL650-1/2 -sb5+

Recorded at Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA., on 30/03/76
14 Tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time: 46:16/44:43

EC/Robbie Robertson (Guitar)/Jesse Ed Davis (Guitar)/Ron Wood (Guitar)/
Billy Preston (Vocals/Keyboards)/Van Morrison (Vocals)/Rick Danko (Vocals/Bass)/
Garth Hudson (Organ)/Richard Manuel (Vocals/Piano)/Levon Helm (Vocals/Drums)

Won't Somebody Tell Me/Right Now/It's Eric Clapton's Birthday (Billy Preston)/
Instrumental/Who Do You Love? (Van Morrison)/Hard Times (Rick Danko)/Stormy Monday (Van Morrison)//What Would I Do (Richard Manuel?)/Right Now 2 */Jam/Tried To Make The Devil Mad */What Would I Do 2 (Richard Manuel?)/What Would I Do 3/What Would I Do 4 (ic.) (Richard Manuel?) 

* no vocals, or vocals are too distant to hear.