Jimi Hendrix
This One's For You
Various Studio Outtakes and Alternate Versions 1968 to 1970

01-Lover Man
02-Jam With Horns
03-Peace In Mississippi
04-Little Drummer Boy
05-Jam # 1
06-Jam # 2
07-Ezy Ryder
08-Message To Love
09-The Things We Use To Do
10-Lover Man
11-Keep On Groovin'

SBD>Vinyl>Maxell cassette>mini disc>dat>cdr>EAC>Flac

This is an old vinyl boot that I copied to cassette many years ago. 
I gave the tape to a friend who transfered it to cdr with a Phillips stand alone
cd burner. EAC was used to normalize and add some light EQing. A very good recording all in all (There is some clicks and pops from the vinyl). None of these versions has been officially released to the best of my knowledge.