Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 1 

Studio outtakes and alternate versions. 

The Swingin' Pig, TGP-CD-101, 1 disk. 

1.Alladin Story (Unreleased Instrumental) 
2.Diddley Daddy (Unreleased, Recorded at Chicago Chess Session, 1964) 
3.Ain't That Loving You Baby (Unreleased, Recorded at Chicago Chess Session, 1964) 
4.Out of Time (Instrumental Version, RCA Studios, 1965) 
5.Come On (BBC Broadcast, 1964) 
6.I Don't Know the Reason Why (Unreleased song recorded at Olympic Studios, 1969) 
7.You Got the Silver (Live rehearsal for Beggar's Banquet, Olympic Studios, 1968 
8.Memphis Tennessee (BBC Broadcast, 1963) 
9.Tell Me Baby (Unreleased, recorded at Chicago Chess Studios, 1964) 
10.Prefab (Instrumental, Trident Studios, 1969) 
11.Memo From Turner (Alternate demo version) 
12.Meet Me in the Bottom (Chicago Chess Studios, 1964) 
13.Roadrunner (Chicago Chess Studios, 1964)