Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 4 

Studio outtakes and alternate versions. 

The Swingin' Pig, TGP-CD-104, 1 disk. 

1.Travelin' Man (Trident Studios, 1969) 
2.Baby Waht's Wrong (Chess Studios, 1964) 
3.Straight On (Guitar rehearsal of Keith Richrd & Mick Taylor, Muscle Shoals, 1969) 
4.Cry to Me (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1965) 
5.Andrew's Blues (Instrumental version, IBC Studios, 1964) 
6.Family (Different than Metamorphisis version, Olympic Studios, 1968) 
7.Dancing in the Light (Instrumental, Trident Studios, 1969) 
8.Fanny Mae (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1965) 
9.As Time Goes By (Early version of As Tears Go By, different lyrics, no strings, Kingsway Studios, 1964) 
10.Blood Red Wine (Trident Studios, 1969) 
11.No Expectations (Live rehearsal for Beggars Banquet, Olympic Studios, 1968) 
12.Poison Ivy (Alternate version, recorded live at Kingsway Studios, 1963) 
13.Satsifaction (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1965)