Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 5 

Studio outtakes and alternate versions. 

The Swingin' Pig, TGP-CD-105, 1 disk. 

1.Catfish Blues (Also known as Still a Fool, this is the long (9:31) version) 
2.2120 South Michigan Avenue (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1965) 
3.Loving Sacred Loving (Satanic Majesties Outtake, 1967) 
4.Fortune Teller (Alternate version, recorded live Kingsway Studios, 1963) 
5.High Blues (Keith Richard & Mick Taylor instrumental, recorded at Muscle Shoals, 1969) 
6.The Spider and the Fly (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1965) 
7.Mother's Little Helper (Instrumental version, recorded live at RCA Studios, 1965) 
8.Stuck Out All Alone (Recorded during a live session at Olympic Studios, 1969) 
9.Downtown Susie (Different than Metamorphisis version, Trident Studios, 1969) 
10.Around and Around (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1963) 
11.If You Need Me (Recorded live for BBC broadcast, 1963) 
12.Cocksucker Blues (Also known as Schoolboy Blues, 1969)