Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 8 

Studio outtakes, alternate versions & live versions. 

The Swingin' Pig, TGP-CD-131, 1 disk. 

1.Gimme Shelter (early version without Merry Clayton) 
2.Honky Tonk Women (David Frost TV show, 1969) 
3.You Can't Always Get What You Want (David Frost, 1969) 
4.Under My Thumb (Altamont) 
5.Good Times (rehearsal, 1965) 
6.Yer Blues (Rock 'n Roll Circus, featuring John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton) 
7.Satisfaction (Madison Square Garden, November 1969) 
8.She's a Rainbow (without chorus) 
9.Paint it Black (instrumental version) 
10.I Got the Blues (Live rehearsal, June 1970) 
11.Salt of the Earth (Rock 'n Roll Circus)