Eric Clapton
Undercover Box Set 
Recorded during the 1974 US tour 
Mid Valley 162/162/164/165

Disc 1 - Jersey City, NY (4th Jul 1974) 
Smile 1:40 
Let It Grow 7:35 
Let It Rain 10:12 
Key To The Highway 5:43 
Willie And The Hand Jive 4:56 
Get Ready 7:08 
Presence Of The Lord 2:02 
Badge 3:58 
Tell The Truth 8:07 
Have You Ever Loved A Woman 15:18 
Little Queenie 7:14 

Disc 2 - Providence, RI (10th Jul 1974) 
Smile 4:57 
You Have To Hurt Nobody 6:39 
Have Been Lonely 6:36 
Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6:57
Blues Power 11:25 
Key To The Highway 5:41 
Presence Of The Lord 5:39 
Bright Lights, Big City 2:45 
I Can't Hold Out 4:48 
Willie And The Hand Jive 4:38 
Get Ready 7:09 

Disc 3 - Providence, RI (10th Jul 1974) 
Little Wing 10:08 
Layla 7:20 
Little Queenie 6:06 
Atlanta, GA (1st Aug 1974) 
Smile 2:04 
Let It Grow 7:20 
Mainline Florida 10:34 
Bright Lights, Big City 7:32 
Tell The Truth 11:12 
Willie And The Hand Jive 7:17 
Get Ready 7:30 

Disc 4 - Atlanta, GA (1st Aug 1974) 
Let It Rain 7:09 
Badge 11:14 
Layla 4:49 
Baby Don't You Do It 5:51 
Little Queenie 0:44 
Jersey City, NY (7th Jul 1974) 
Introduction 1:31 
Smile 3:55 
Let It Grow 7:34 
Let It Rain 6:55 
Tell The Truth 8:21 
Little Queenie 8:11 
Crossroads 7:28 

EC / Carl Radle (Bass) / George Terry (Guitar) / Jamie Oldaker (Drums) /
Dick Sims (Keyboards) / Yvonne Elliman (Vocals)

Disc 1: EC is very "loose" (ie, "drunk"), especially on vocals. On 'Let ir Rain', the band gets into a nice funky vamp at the end. EC quips "mind if I have a drink?" (we think you already had a few too many, Eric!). EC mangles the vocals for 'Key to the Highway' and then, annoyed, sings "when I leave this time, it's the fucking last time !". The band, at least, is agreeably tight, and segues loosely from one track to another beginning with 'Willie and the Hand Jive' all the way through to 'Badge'. Freddie King joins the band for both 'Have You Ever Loved a Woman' and 'Little Queenie'.

Disc 2: EC begins the concert quite annoyed ... understandably so: "I want the guy to who threw the beer bottle to know that he hurt one of my people ... so don't throw things, you've hurt one of us already ...". After the opener of 'Smile', the band goes into a vamp similar to "Singin' the Blues" while EC sings "you don't have to hurt somebody", then calling out "slow blues ... same key", and sliding into "I Loved a Woman". In "Get Ready", Yvonne Elliman gets in a dig of her own, singing "throwing your fucking bottles!!!".

Disc 3: "Layla .... you BITCH !!!!". During "Little Queenie", "... stop the bombs ... NO MORE WAR !!!". 

Disc 4: EC is joined by Pete Townshend and Keith Moon for "Baby Don't You Do It" and "Little Queenie". Rounding out Disc 4 is an audience recording of the July 7, 1974 show at Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey which rounds out numbers not included in the soundboard version. Freddie King guests on this as well.