Van Morrison
2014-07-17 (17. Juli 2014)
Ehrenhof Neues Schloss, Stuttgart, GER

"Jazz Open 2014 Stuttgart"

A Team Southern Germany recording.

Soundprofessionals SP-CMC-25 Ultimate Studio Reference sub-miniature Super-Cardioid Stereo Microphones (matched pair) >SPSB-11-80036(no bass roll-off)>Roland R05(16/44.1)>.wav 

.wav>CoolEdit2000 (fades+edits, ,Bass boost w/ FFT-Filter) >.wav>trader's little helper (level 8)>.flac>HD
checked for sbs's w/ tlh.

mic position: dfc, 167 cm in the air, on human mic stand, 7 m from stage lip.

taped by chico1610.
assistant: africolaman.
unknown "expert" on my right side.

01 intro by SWR lady, interview with JO organizer Jürgen Schlensog
02 sweet thing god must love me (by Shana Morrison)
03 god must love me (by Shana Morrison)
04 celtic swing
05 open the door to your heart
06 back on top
07 so quiet in here
08 queen of the slipstream
09 days like this
10 choppin' wood
11 rough god goes riding w/ Shana Morrison 
12 baby please don't go
13 john henry
14 philosopher's stone
15 lonesome road
16 whenever god shines his light w/ Shana Morrison
17 sometimes we cry w/ Shana Morrison
18 enlightment
19 moondance
20 brown eyed girl
21 in the garden
22 help me
23 gloria > farewell