Village Theatre
New York City NY

23rd September 1967 / 23 September, 1967 

Audience recording (inc.) / B

Spoonful (partial) 
Steppin Out (partial) 

I am posting this for JOE T - "ENGLISHBLUESMAN" - with his permission.

Here is audio of Cream recorded at the Village Theatre in 1967.
This tape does not have whole songs, but enough to
hear what they were like that week in New York.
Afterwards, Cream played for 7 to 8 days at the
Cafe Au Go Go in the Villiage.
The Village Theatre later became the Fillmore East.

This file is being posted to let any "Cream Fanatics"
hear the fragments that are on this tape.
( It is all that is currently known to exist from that time period )

Please do not dwell on the sound quality or how aweful it is
that it wasn't recorded in its entirety. "It is what it is"



Here is the story behind the tape:

"Me and my friend had a Sony battery operated 2 inch
reel to reel portable. We taped every show we saw.
We would never tape a whole song cause we didn't have
all that much room, so we taped what we thought was best.
On this recording, we taped a lot of "Spoonful" and then "Steppin Out"
We would tape - then stop - tape then stop - you'll see what I mean.
Clapton used 4 Marshalls, all 4 lights were on. Jack Bruce used the the same.
Clapton used the painted Gibson SG. It was the loudest concert I have ever been to.
The show line up was originally supposed to be Moby Grape and Cream.
Moby Grape canceled, so the new line up was Tiny Tim, Soul Survivors,
Canned Heat, and then Cream played.
We were expecting to hear Clapton play like he did in the Blues Breakers, at best.
The opening song was NSU. We were mind blown, as you will hear.
From that point on, I knew he was the best of all time and I wanted to play like that"