Wheels Of Fire CSG Decoded 
2CD Slipcase With OBI Strip 
Empress Valley Supreme Disk
Live In Studio & Live At The Fillmore

High-quality sound board of cream masterpiece “WHEELS OF FIRE”! Isn’t this the pinnacle at the moment? Fresh and vivid sound with CSG decoding!
It has a reputation for good sound quality even overseas.

Wheels of Fire is a 1968 double album by British rock band Cream. It consists of two discs, a studio recording and a live disc. The album peaked at #3 in the UK and #1 in the US, making it the first double album to be certified platinum.

With 4 bonus tracks

Track List

CD1: (In The Studio)
1-1 White Room
1-2 Sitting On Top Of The World
1-3 Passing The Time
1-4 As You Said
1-5 Pressed Rat And Warthog
1-6 Politician
1-7 Those Where The Days
1-8 Born Under A Bad Sign
1-9 Deserted Cities Of The Heart

Bonus Tracks
1-10 Anyone For Tennis
1-11 Falstaff Beer Commercial

CD2:(Live At The Fillmore)
2-1 Crossroads
2-2 Spoonful
2-3 Traintime
2-4 Toad
Bonus Tracks
2-5 Sunshine Of Your Love
2-6 N.S.U.

Empress Valley Supreme Disk. EVSD-1683/1684