Winterland Magic CD1
March 9, 1968

First appearance sound source! March 9, 1968 San Francisco, recorded live in Winterland with high sound quality. Around this time, I was doing two stages with different set lists every night (from Spoonful to 2nd Show), and I was conquering the United States because of the splendor of the performance. And I think everyone will be able to focus on this live date! That's right, it's the day before March 10th when it was officially recorded and announced as a Wheels Of Fire live album. So the three of us are doing great. It has been recorded for about 46 minutes from the introduction of Bill Graham, but unfortunately it is an incomplete recording, but considering that it is the first appearance sound source of the age and CREAM, I can not complain. (But I wanted to listen to Crossroads) It is important to be able to listen to "Sitting On Top Of The World", which is very rare these days. Please enjoy the slow blues at that psychedelic SG! Eric, who was 22 years old at the time, is now 78 years old, and it is a must-listen just because it is the first appearance sound source of the legendary cream. Also pay attention to the jacket that uses a very rare photo of the day. (The poster of the day is also famous.)

Bill Graham Introduction
Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Sweet Wine
Sunshine Of Your Love
Sitting On Top Of The World
Steppin' Out
Sleepy Time Time