Eric Clapton With Doyle Bramhall II - With A Little Help From My Friend Doyle 

Empress Valley Supreme Disc 
Mid Valley Records MVR 1037


01. Marry You Eric Clapton & BB King Promo CD Single version
02. I Wanna Be Eric Clapton & BB King Promo Radio edit version
03. Superman Inside Eric Clapton Reptile DVD Audio alternative vocal version
04. Lost And Found Eric Clapton Album : Back Home 
05. Piece Of My Heart Eric Clapton Album : Back Home 
06. Everything You Need Doyle Bramhall Album : Shades 
07. Diamonds Made From Rain Eric Clapton Promo Radio edit version
08. Layla Eric Clapton Live Belfast 2004-04-25
09. Compared To What Pacifico Live Hollywood 2005-08-10, Edit version 
10. Little Wing Eric Clapton Live Tokyo 2006-12-09
11. Got To Get Better In A Little While Eric Clapton Live London 2018-07-08
12. Gotta Get Over Eric Clapton Live Leipzig 2013-06-02
13. The Core Eric Clapton Live Greenwich, CT 2018-05-26


Doyle Bramhall II, a guitarist who has become Eric Clapton's "right-hand man"
who is now untouched. Since 2000, his contribution to music and support
play has been tremendous, and if it weren't for him, Clapton wouldn't have been
able to extend his career so smoothly. It is no exaggeration to say that it is.
This time, we have collected Doyle Bramhall II's music sense, numbers and
live takes that will make you realize the excellence of his playing. I hope you
can reconfirm the ability that Clapton has bought so far. Clapton originally
became aware of Doyle's existence when Doyle's albums were included in
other artist's CDs prepared for listening by the manager so that Clapton could
relax during his off-time tour in the late 90's. That was it. Clapton, who casually
picked up Doyle's CD and listened to it, was instantly fascinated by
Doyle's personality. He immediately ordered the manager to confirm Doyle's
whereabouts and requested his participation in the next album. It was the
joint album "RIDING WITH THE KING" with B.B. King released in 2000. From
here, the bond between Clapton and Doyle deepened. Now let's talk about
each song.

1. Marry You
2. I Wanna Be
These are two songs written by Doyle that were recorded in "RIDING WITH THE
KING". Clapton dared to cover two Doyle numbers in this blues album with B.B.
Of course, I persuaded Doyle himself to participate in the session. That's how
I fell in love with Doyle at first sight. It is immeasurable how much impact was created
by recording these two songs rather than simply covering the blues on this album.
In addition to the quality of the songs, it can be said that it was a very valuable
song that proved that B.B. could flexibly respond to such contemporary numbers.
Doyle complements Clapton and B.B., and he is showing off a splendid
support play as a behind-the-scenes player. Marry You has a promotional CD single
version, and I Wanna Be has a promotional radio edit version.

3. Superman Inside
Clapton also invited Doyle to the next work "REPTILE" (released in 2001).
And Doyle also responded to it and provided a new song. This is also the killer
tune with the strongest rock color in this album. Doyle's sense of composition is
truly wonderful. Here is a rare alternate vocal version that was recorded only on the
DVD audio of this album. Clapton wanted Doyle to participate in the promotion
tour of this album, but it did not come true. This is because it had been booked
earlier on the tour of former Pink Floyd Roger Waters, who had his eyes
on Doyle at the same time. Doyle, where legend-class big shots compete with
each other, is amazing.

4. Lost and Found
5. Piece Of My Heart
Heart Clapton, who could no longer let go of Doyle, asked for
cooperation with "BACK HOME" released in 2005, and Doyle not only
participated in the session but also provided two songs. Lost And Found
was a number born from a jam session with Clapton, and at that time
Clapton said, ``After jamming, I said to Doyle that I wanted to make
this somehow, and when I parted, I finished it in one night.'' said with
surprise. After all Doyle's sense is not just a thing. Piece Of My Heart is
one of the best songs on the album. Mayer is doing the play).
You're in good health. Clapton cuts in from the left channel at the end
and develops a breathtaking interplay with Mayer. This is the biggest
listening point in this album.

6. Everything You Need
Finally Clapton participated in Doyle's album. Clapton's play on this song
recorded in Doyle's fifth solo album "SHADES" released in 2018 gives the impression
that it is close to Doyle's play. Even though it's a solo contest, he's kind. It's as if
Clapton's quiet thoughts on Doyle's friendship and contribution over the years are

7. Dianmonds Made From Rain
Doyle's number recorded in Clapton's album "CLAPTON" released in 2010.
Here we have recorded the promotional radio edit version. Sheryl Crow
participates in vocals. In this album, which is mostly composed of cover
songs, this Doyle's original work led to making the album shine more.
It is an excellent number that shows Doyle's romantic side.

8. Layla
My wish came true, and finally Clapton was able to add Doyle to the support
members of the tour. It was the 2004 tour. Here, from the tour where Doyle supported
Clapton for the first time, we recorded the stereo sound board recording take of
Belfast, Ireland on April 25, 2004, which was broadcast on British FM radio at that
time (Midvalley “BLACK BEAUTY”). Accurate riffs and chord work, close to the original
version, obbligato that makes you feel the sense tell Doyle's talent. side guitar ever
The list was clearly different.

9. Compared To What
Doyle has a wide range of personal connections, and was also active in the
unit <Pacifico> with Wendy & Lisa, members of Prince's band The
Revolution. Here, on August 10, 2005, we recorded a rare live take where Clapton
jumped into their gig at Club Lago in Hollywood, California, USA (stereo
audience recording). Also on stage were Abe Laborial Jr. on drums and
Wendy's twin sister Susannah Melvoin, Doyle's wife at the time. Following
Clapton's two wonderful solos, you can listen to Doyle's Jimi Hendrix-like solo.
Here we have recorded a concentrated edited version at 7 minutes 41 seconds
from the performance that actually lasted 18 minutes. And this song was also
played at the joint stage of Clapton & Beck legend that was realized in
Saitama in 2009. From this, it can be seen that Clapton and Doyle, who liked the
feel of this gig, suggested that Beck add this song to the set list.

10. Little Wing
In addition to Doyle, the take at the Nippon Budokan performance on the final day of
the Japan tour on December 9th from the 2006 "BACK HOME World Tour", which was carried
out with a triple guitar system, accompanied by the slide master Derek Trucks. Masu (from
"STARSIGN" which recorded this performance with the finest stereo audience recording). This
song of the day was special. Because, the moment Doyle, who took the solo in the middle,
tried to connect to the next Derek with one chorus as planned, Clapton showed a
gesture to Doyle, "Play more!" because it was extended. It was very unusual for Clapton to do
such an act. On the occasion of the final performance, did you think that you would appreciate
and reward Doyle's contribution so far? Clapton may be because he saw
the illusion of Jimihen in the appearance of Doyle playing hard.

11. Got To Get Better In A Little While
A dominos number follows. This is a live take (stereo audience recording)
when I appeared as a bird at the festival "BRITISH SUMMER TIME" held on July
8, 2018 in Hyde Park, London, attracting 65,000 people (mid Valley from
"IT'S COMING HOME"). On drums this time was Sonny Emory of Earth,
Wind & Fire. Thanks to Emory, a powerful groove has been spun out, and both
Clapton, who takes the first solo and Doyle, who is the second solo, are
wonderful. Since 2004, the number has been played with various support
members, but thanks to their play, it has shown a quality of play that makes it seem like
it has been completed.

12. Gotta Get Over
From the 50th anniversary tour of Clapton's debut, we recorded a live take from
the Lipzig performance in Germany on June 2, 2013 (stereo audience recording).
The original full version is Doyle's number that was included in Clapton's album "OLD
SOCK" released in the same year, but it became even more groovy on the live stage.
From the intro that begins with Clapton and Doyle's unison play, to each high-
tension solo and powerful backing chorus, it is a number that clearly shows the splendor
of Doyle's songs that shine live.

13. The Core
In 2018, when Clapton took a short break from the tour, it is a rare number
that was played at the festival <GREENWICH TOWN PARTY> held spot on May 26th
in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA (stereo
Audience recording). It was the first
time in 40 years since 1978 that this song was set in. The original version
is recorded in "SLOWHAND", and Doyle is in charge of all the parts sung by Mercy
Levy, a female singer who was in the band at the time. I also listen to Clapton's play
that goes crazy with the number after a long time, but I also pay attention to
Doyle's tasteful play and his vocals that take the first solo. I have explained the
contents roughly, but what do you think? Of course, Clapton has been playing
acoustic guitar since the 60's, and many takes have been left throughout the 70's
and 80's. However, this time, with the early take of "Tears In Heaven" as a trigger, I
tried to summarize it with the works after "Unplugged". You may be worried
about the rarity of the recorded songs, but first of all, please enjoy Clapton's
acoustic guitar play carefully. I think it's the best content that can never be released
officially due to the artist's label circumstances and rights. If this work is well
received, there may be plans for a part 2. Please enjoy.

As mentioned above, I tried collecting rare and wonderful songs that spotted Clapton's
reliable partner, Doyle Bramhall II. Doyle will continue to be an indispensable presence
in Clapton in the future. In fact, in 2001, immediately after co-starring with Doyle,
Clapton officially announced his retirement from the tour. At the same time, it was
a time when I was persuading Doyle to support members of the tour. Perhaps the reason
I withdrew my retirement from touring was because I reconsidered that I absolutely
had to do something with Doyle before finishing my live career. If so, Doyle may have
been “the man who made Clapton withdraw his retirement”. It's cool.